Your Style: Solange

Your Style is back! Where did it go? I don’t know but I have failed the series I optimistically introduced in 2015. Failed? Yes, since launching, I have only published two Your Style posts. Your Style is a series dedicated to celebrating an individual’s style. From models to musicians, the individual spotlighted varies. The woman at the heart of this post is an exceptional force. She is the incredible Solange Knowles! The beginning of her career saw her frequently underhandedly compared to her older sister, Beyoncé. Solange has since proved the critics wrong. She is now just as influential as well as successful as her sister. This is why I feel compelled to celebrate her style as well as the exasperating journey.

“subjected to abuse and degradation for daring to show Eurocentric beauty ideals the middle finger”

I remember the first time Solange captured my attention. She had just shaved off all of her hair, the first step to going natural. She was subsequently subjected to abuse and degradation for daring to show Eurocentric beauty ideals the middle finger. Retrospectively, I can only laugh at the reaction as today most black women have made this step, it is also now known as The Big Chop. This only solidifies Solange’s influence and why she is the ultimate style icon. Solange’s style is boldness delivered confidently. She is someone who does not dress for attention but her eccentric choices are bound to turn heads as well as captivate. I see myself in her as she dresses for herself and not for approval. In an age of conformity, this is a rare sight.

I feel many need to see an image of a woman who is comfortable, a woman who knows women will always be judged so there is no point in stressing or killing oneself to strive for what is perceived as perfection. As well as a style icon worth celebrating, Solange is the woman behind one of my favourite songs, Cranes in the Sky (A Seat at the Table’s lead single). A Seat at the Table is a phenomenal album, worth a listen. Words can’t express how much I adore Solange and her impeccable style. Let the images below inspire you for the better!