Your Style: Janelle Monaé

Your style is a reflection of you, from your interests to your environment. As personal as style is, it is only natural to inspire or to be inspired; consider this the “Circle of Style”. Inspiration is best used to discover items or to learn how to style wardrobe staples. However, we often find ourselves in uniform, cloning someone else due to a subliminal influence (from women’s lifestyle glossies to social media). Regardless, we all simply enjoy admiring a person’s style, their confidence and their story. It only makes sense to introduce the Your Style series with the wonderful, Janelle Monaé.

“solidified in fashion scripture, trends will come and go but style is forever”

In a world of ill-fitted spandex dresses and heavy contouring, Janelle Monaé is a refreshing sight. A monochrome wardrobe complemented by amazing hair and beautiful classic make-up, Monaé’s style is androgynous as well as rebellious in an age of conformity. Benefiting from her refusal to submit, her signature style (accompanied by her musical talent) has catapulted her to high fashion stardom, resulting in performances at the runway shows of Chanel as well as Rebecca Minkoff.

Monaé is an inspiration to those who love classic silhouettes. Those who embrace minimalism can also appreciate her distinctive style. Even if your wardrobe is bursting with loud colours and violent textures, her style is a testament to “less is more”. A style icon is often admired for their ability to consistently reflect their persona in the clothes that they wear, establishing a signature style. The impact of external factors is debatable but solidified in fashion scripture, trends will come and go but style is forever.