Wardrobe Spotlight: Aldo Scaldasole Envelope Clutch


My meticulously curated wardrobe features statement pieces as well as the classic staples, from a black leather biker jacket to neutral coloured blazers and an everyday handbag. I am currently obsessed with distinctive inimitable patterns. When such patterns meet a classic staple, a statement piece is born and I instantly fall in love!

Introducing Wardrobe Spotlight, a new blog post series exploring my wardrobe. Launching the new series, Aldo’s Scaldasole Envelope Clutch, £17.83, purchased via Amazon. This is a winter investment as I am committed to going bold in the cold: loud colours, faux furs and extravagant patterns. Although this clutch is not leather, you can most definitely feel the quality, which goes beyond the texture; it is also evident in the impeccable design.

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