The Middle Part

Once my signature hairstyle, the middle part is loved as much as it is hated. I was once obsessed with parting my hair in the middle but grew tired of it as it became popular as well as a monotonous choice. I was known as the girl with the middle part, which is definitely a sign to let it go! For the last two years I have been embracing the side part, from the extreme to the slight. Personally, I believe the side part suits my face shape (square) best but I need change, I am a hair chameleon!

“a monotonous choice”

Recently, I have been wearing my part slightly off centre but I am hoping to return to the middle part. I am older and wiser; I no longer care about trends. If I like it, I will rock it! Inspired by Rihanna and Naomi Campbell, I am looking forward to the revival of my signature hairstyle. I miss feeling like a supermodel. I miss the glamour. Never underestimate the power of a hairstyle!