Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Conditioner Review

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A conditioner for those who desire super soft voluminous curls!

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My first home hair colouring experience involved Schwarzkopf’s signature XXL red. I was eleven or twelve and I desperately wanted to stand out as well as rebel. The results were pretty impressive. One of the things I love about Schwarzkopf’s hair dyes is the conditioner included in the kits. The conditioners in boxed hair dye kits are so much better than the ones available in the market. I had no idea Schwarzkopf sold conditioner separately so when I came across it whilst browsing Amazon (250ml, £1.52), I had to buy it.

Although it was an impulsive purchase, I am extremely pleased with my investment. I have fine 4A natural hair so I am forever looking for something to aid in boosting and creating the volume I lack. This conditioner is marketed towards those with “fine, weak and lifeless hair”. My hair isn’t weak but I can relate to the other points. After using it once, I instantly noticed the difference. My hair was huge! This conditioner transformed my curls, creating volume and definition. I couldn’t believe how soft my hair felt.

With every use, the results were consistent, super soft voluminous curls. Surprisingly, this conditioner is silicone free! It also smells divine, like sweet crispy green apples. I love it! I will be buying more in the future. I hope Schwarzkopf creates a salon-sized bottle as I go through conditioner ever so fast. This particular bottle only lasted 3 washes. However, I can only recommend this gem!



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