Organics by Africa’s Best Leave-In Liquid Hair Mayonnaise Review

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The best of affordable leave-in conditioners!

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Organics by Africa’s Best is the brand behind one of my favourite hair masks, the legendary Hair Mayonnaise, a deep conditioning treatment formulated to be applied then rinsed out. To my surprise, the brand also offers an alternative, a leave-in liquid hair mayonnaise, something I had to try! Purchased at £1.99 (177ml), from PAK Cosmetics, this is the best of affordable leave-in conditioners, a product you will most definitely love!

The scent is pleasant, a little similar to the hair mayonnaise treatment. The consistency is weird. It doesn’t include fragments in the solution like the sister treatment but it is runny and sticky to the touch. However, it melts in to your hair without leaving a tacky residue. Another weird feature, it tingles. The tingling sensation is wonderful! I applied it to my damp curls, after washing and conditioning my hair. The product was easily absorbed, leaving my hair soft.

I originally purchased this out of excitement and curiosity as well as to aid in repairing the texture of my hair. I had just lightened my hair and although my curls looked the same, it felt different, a little rough. I can confirm, after using the whole bottle, my hair is back to a texture I recognise. I love this leave-in liquid hair mayonnaise and I will be purchasing another bottle, although I would prefer a larger option (the only con). If you dye or bleach your hair frequently, this is a worthy investment.