Organic Shop Organic Avocado & Honey Express Repair Hair Mask Review

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If you desire soft moisturised hair, please look elsewhere!

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Honey is said to strengthen hair and aid in retaining moisture, whilst avocado allegedly promotes healthy hair growth. I am yet to come across scientific evidence but the popularity of honey and avocado is quite compelling. You can find avocado in many hair treatments and honey is probably the key ingredient in your favourite conditioner. Discovered during a Superdrug shopping spree, Organic Shop’s Express Repair Hair Mask is infused with honey as well as avocado. For a product with great emphasis on natural organic ingredients, it is surprisingly cheap, costing £1.49 for a 250ml tub. According to Organic Shop, this is a luxurious hair mask, formulated to restore your hair, enhancing structure as well as softness. Unfortunately, I disagree!

Organic Shop’s Express Repair Hair Mask is far from moisturising! I feel it most definitely strengthened but it also left my hair in a vulnerable state, quite dry. I am not surprised, as I do not associate repairing with moisturising. However, I expected so much more! The consistency is somewhat deceiving; it is creamy and thick but failed to penetrate. It simply sat on my curls. I found this bizarre, as my hair loves creamy formulas. I also found detangling a nightmare, as Organic Shop’s Express Repair Hair Mask has little to no slip. The product’s stodgy consistency resulted in me using half of the 250ml tub. Failing to redeem but noteworthy, the scent of this hair mask is perfect; it is a natural fragrance, sweet but light.

Overall, I am not impressed. Organic Shop’s Express Repair Hair Mask is pretty average. I love that it is natural (free of parabens and silicones) but it failed to “enhance” my hair. I will not write-off this hair mask as it did strengthen my hair. Furthermore, I think the issue is the marketing as this hair mask is not for curly hair. I believe it is formulated for straight brittle hair, in need of strengthening. I can only recommend Organic Shop’s Express Repair Hair Mask to people looking to strengthen their hair; a cheap natural product is quite hard to find so this is worth looking at. If you are looking for moisture and softness, please look elsewhere!

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