Janet Collection Brazilian Scent Lace Wig: RAY (Colour 2) Review

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A beautiful wig let down by poor construction and misleading branding!

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As I remain dedicated to protective styling, this will be the first of many wig reviews. If RAY performed as good as it looked, it would have been the ultimate wig, a perfect 10. Janet Collection is the brand behind RAY, a lace wig from the company’s Brazilian Scent range. According to the information card included, RAY is 100% Brazilian human hair, “protein infused for soft remy touch”. Costing £39.99, I purchased RAY in colour 2 from SBS Hair UK via eBay. The colour 2 is rather accurate; it is a very dark brown. RAY is layered and 12 to 14 inches long, my signature length. The density of the wig is rather average but natural.

Although marketed as 100% Brazilian human hair, I believe RAY is a blend of human hair and synthetic fibres as the price is just too low. Furthermore, the texture of RAY is a dead giveaway! It is quite silky but a little rough and dry towards the ends. I have worn RAY regularly for two weeks. Supporting my suspicion, I was forced to soak RAY in vinegar as the hair began to irritate my scalp (please note, I am allergic to most synthetic hair). Whilst washing the wig, I noticed it did not react or feel like human hair. It also dried rather fast as it did not absorb much water. Although the hair is of a high quality, I feel Janet Collection’s branding is incredibly misleading!

The construction of RAY failed to impress. RAY is a right side part lace front wig. The lace matches my brown skin tone perfectly. However, the part appeared closed, almost invisible and required extensive plucking. Unfortunately, I did not photograph RAY prior to personal customisation; the photos below show the wig after I made it my own. A relatively large cap size, RAY is “big head friendly” with three combs and two adjustable straps. RAY features one comb at the nape and one on each side of the lace part. I find combs and adjustable straps rather annoying so I removed all.

According to Janet Collection, RAY is “tangle free and shed free”. This is a lie as RAY is the queen of shedding! I was forced to seal the knots/lace with hairspray (Schwarzkopf’s got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray). The shedding eventually slowed down but the overall experience was embarrassing as well as a nightmare. The tangling isn’t so bad as it tends to only occur at the nape. I like RAY as it fits my head perfectly and looks natural. However, due to the ridiculous amount of shedding, I would not recommend this wig. I am yet to use heat on RAY so expect an update in the future.

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