Introducing Your Beauty Staples

Your Beauty First is moving in a new direction. Whilst I hope to maintain a personal touch, I am also looking to monetise my work, which will involve taking a professional approach to blogging. I am currently working to establish a variety of series (accessible via the More page). The year 2015 saw the launch of Staple Investments, a series of posts showcasing as well as reviewing beauty products I regard as indispensable, items I refuse to live without. Since launching the series, I have only shared four posts. Although this screams negligence or even a flop, the lack of posts is because I tend to simply review products and many have since become a staple. To avoid being repetitive, I did not create a Staple Investments post for each product.

I love the concept behind the Staple Investments series; it is promising as well as valuable. Unfortunately, my execution was poor. Learning from my mistake, I have decided to end the Staple Investments series and introduce, Your Beauty Staples. Your Beauty Staples showcases a variety of beauty essentials in one post, every month. This post is simply a general update and an introduction to the Your Beauty Staples series so expect the first official post in September! I am also pretty pleased with the featured image, designed by myself. It is the signature style of the Your Beauty Staples series. Words can’t express my excitement; watch this space!

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