Ghost Girl Eau de Toilette Review

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What a pleasant surprise!

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I welcome all gifts, even the gifts I do not need or want as I value the sentiment behind a gift. If I have no use for the gift, I donate it. If I love it, I cherish it. A fragrance aficionado, I dread gifts of perfumes, fragrances, etc., as I am too fussy. I am also quite a snub, in regards to perfumery. I take great care and caution when shopping for fragrances. I tend to prefer high-end luxury fragrances but The Body Shop is home to some of my favourites. I know what I like and love. I am a Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Elie Saab Le Parfum woman. However, two years ago, I received Ghost Girl Eau de Toilette as a gift. Ghost is a brand I recognise but I have never felt compelled to purchase the brand’s fragrances.

To my surprise, I liked it! I have since changed my approach to fragrance shopping, as Ghost Girl Eau de Toilette is lovely! What a pleasant surprise! I was expecting something fruity, cheap and childish due to its appearance. Ghost Girl Eau de Toilette smells sweet and warm; it is a floral scent. It is also a little woody. Our natural scent can alter a fragrance, what smells wonderful on you may smell vile on myself. I think Ghost Girl Eau de Toilette is one of those fragrances. I found it is fairly strong for an Eau de Toilette but in comparison to something high-end, it is a little below average. The only con is the bottle as it is of a low quality. My second bottle (30ml, £16.00, from Debenhams) broke and I have no idea how. Relatively impressed, I hope to try more Ghost fragrances in the future! Please note, I highly recommend trying a perfume before purchasing.

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