Garnier Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer Conditioner Review

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Impressive and affordable, a rare find!

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Garnier’s Ultimate Blends range is colossal! My first experience with the range involved a conditioner known as The Sleek Restorer, a great disaster. However, I can only write wonderful things about my second experience; The Strength Restorer conditioner is phenomenal! My fine curls tend to loathe heavy conditioners but the consistency of this product is magical. It is quite thick and creamy but it melts once it meets your hair. A little goes a long way but as I am a curly haired woman, I will always use more than what is recommended. 

The scent is in line with the key ingredient; it smells a little like honey, sweet but not sickly. This conditioner is marketed as a strength restorer, repairing damaged hair prone to breakage. The name suggests it might be a little too harsh for a fine haired individual but I can confirm, it is definitely not! In fact, it should be called “The Moisture Restorer” as it moisturises as well as strengthens. After every use my curls were left feeling incredibly soft as well as defined and tangle free. I purchased 400ml of this liquid gold from Amazon at £1.99! Impressive and affordable, a rare find!

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