Freetress Equal Freedom Part Wig: FREEDOM PART 101 (Colour 2) Review

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Freetress Equal’s Freedom Part line is pretty popular. I can most definitely see why as the wigs look beautiful and rather realistic. However, I am a little disappointed with my purchase. I love long straight hair as it compliments my square face shape. This love played a huge role in my purchase of Freetress Equal’s Freedom Part Wig: FREEDOM PART 101 in colour 2 (£29.89, from Envisage Yourself via eBay). I will begin this review by sharing the concept behind the Freedom Part. Most wigs feature relatively annoying ear tabs and are cut as well as styled with a particular part in mind. The Freedom Part allows you to shift or rotate your wig with freedom. You can wear your part in the middle, left or right. Your decision should not disturb the style or cut of the wig.

I love the concept behind the Freedom Part but based on FREEDOM PART 101, the execution is an epic fail! Where does one begin? I will start with the cons. The part is quite narrow, which is not an issue, as I prefer narrow parts. However, if you hate narrow parts, there is nothing you can do about it; the part cannot be plucked without revealing the track below. The hair in the part is rather sparse. If you look close, you can see the first track in some areas. I found this disappointing. Unfortunately, this is one of many cons. The part is also bulky. It stands out and requires overnight flattening with a scarf. This is too much customisation for a synthetic wig. The last of the cons is the lack of “freedom”. Once you shift the wig from the middle, it becomes uneven. I have no idea why there is so much emphasis on “freedom” when FREEDOM PART 101 fails to provide any!

So, are there any redeeming qualities, features, etc.? Yes and no. I love the depth of the part; it appears to be about 4 inches deep. I found the minimal shedding a relief. I also appreciate the lack of ear tabs and the “big head-friendly” stocking cap; I have never been a fan of the traditional cap used to make synthetic wigs. FREEDOM PART 101’s overall density and length is perfect as it is natural; I believe it is about 18 inches long. I also love the colour 2; it is a beautiful dark brown. The best thing about FREEDOM PART 101 is the hair used to construct it. It is phenomenal! It feels like human hair and the ends are feathered. The construction of FREEDOM PART 101 let the wig down as the hair is of a high quality. Overall, I cannot recommend this wig as you are bound to find a much better option.

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