Fashion Watch: The Biker Jacket

The line between a classic wardrobe staple and a trending item of clothing is thin. The classic wardrobe staple is timeless, adapting to compliment the current trending piece. A symbol of the nineties current reign and influence on fashion as well as culture, the invasion of the crop top. Despite its current unavoidable presence and its leading role in the nineties, I regard the crop top as a trending piece. Once adored, the sight of a crop top triggers a variety of reactions, all signifying disappointment. There’s nothing worst than discovering a desired top is cropped, limiting wear to summer or accompanied by high waist trousers. The crop top is an item you’ll simply purchase (sometimes subconsciously) to follow a trend, selling on eBay just before it becomes a distant memory.

“the biker jacket is a classic wardrobe staple, embedded in fashion”

With an abundance of variations, will the beloved biker jacket follow suit? As the proud owner of five, my opinions are inherently biased. Symbolising all things effortlessly cool, the biker jacket is a classic wardrobe staple, embedded in fashion, culture and the hearts of many. Variations provide wear throughout the year, for any occasion. Haute couture designers have embraced the biker jacket, reinterpreting the classic blueprint. Givenchy provided us with a floral drenched edition whilst Burberry maintained the classic silhouette, accentuating with quilted grooves. From Peter Lindbergh’s iconic shot of our favourite supermodels to the street style photography of today, the evolution of a jacket is in motion, the end of this film is far from near.

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