Fashion Watch: Suede Things

Hello autumn, your return is met with sanguinity! Yes, I am aware it is only the 4th of September and the September equinox (the first day of autumn) is said to begin any time from the 21st to 24th. Nevertheless, my welcome is justified as the meteorological autumn begins on the 1st of September. It is also my birth month so I am rightfully excited as well as optimistic. Astronomical and meteorological differences aside, words can’t express how much I adore autumn (as well as winter) fashion. From faux furs to rich colours, I refuse to believe anyone could prefer spring or summer fashion. My love goes beyond items of clothing; I also adore fabrics, textures, etc. My favourite is a fabric I have always associated with autumn, the ever so luxurious suede. Whilst I am open to faux, I will always prefer the real deal!

“I will always prefer the real deal”

Suede is sumptuous! I don’t believe it is the most expensive of fabrics, but its poor durability makes it a costly investment. Even the best of suede is susceptible to damage; regular replacements or great caution is required. In regards to fashion, suede is rather impractical but surprisingly worthwhile. I am the proud owner of a tan suede biker jacket, from Mango. I treat it with great care, investing in suede cleaning kits (as well as dry cleaning). I also check the weather prior to leaving the house with it on. If rain is forecasted, my beloved suede biker jacket is staying at home! The maintenance of suede is painstaking, but the various options it can bring to your wardrobe rationalises the upkeep. Suede is available in a variety of colours. You can also purchase suede skirts, jumpsuits, dresses and so much more. Below are a few of my favourite suede pieces from Zara, Mango and ASOS – what a beautiful sight!

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