Fashion Watch: Stripes

An unflattering sight, stripes accentuate flaws – this is a popular misconception and I refuse to entertain such undeserved disdain. A striped piece is a fashion staple, a must have, in any wardrobe! Horizontal or vertical, stripes are underrated. A timeless combination, the love I have for navy and white stripes is eternal. It is an iconic classic duo. It is also incredibly popular as it is safe, anyone can execute navy and white stripes; be it on a shoe or a blouse. Red and white stripes are just as popular. However, it is a combination that requires a little more effort as you can easily end up looking like Wally (Waldo, if you are American). I am currently obsessed with stripes in an array of colours (e.g. red, yellow and green). Colourful striped pieces effortlessly injects colour in to an understated wardrobe.

“you can easily end up looking like Wally”

If you are a minimalist, looking to revitalise your wardrobe with colour, it is important to know, stripes can deliver multiple colours subtly and effectively, it is a great starting point (as well as a brilliant investment). Stripes can also provide much needed texture or a break, elevating an outfit. You can pair your striped pieces with a crisp white shirt or blue jeans. If you are confident in your style, go head to toe, rocking a striped dress or jumpsuit. If you loathe wearing striped clothing, invest in striped shoes or an envelope clutch. I feel stripes are unappreciated and I wish to see stripes celebrated more! Zara, Topshop and Mango are home to some pretty phenomenal striped pieces (you can see a few of my favourites below)!

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