Eyebrow Fever

I once had little to no eyebrows. I looked odd as well as deadpan. At the age of 17, my eyebrows decided to make an appearance (a much welcomed surprise). My eyebrows are fine, only growing long, not full. The ends are rather sparse but I don’t mind, as I always pluck the straggly strands. The natural shape is quite arched. I pluck the ends to change the shape, from Angelina Jolie to Audrey Hepburn. I am far from makeup savvy but even I know not to leave my house without shaping and filling my eyebrows (yes, even on “makeup free” days). The Beyoncé of your face, eyebrows command but deserve respect as well as your utmost attention!

“even I know not to leave my house without shaping and filling my eyebrows”

Although I am delighted by the current wave of eyebrow fever, words can’t express how much I loathe Instagram eyebrows (the big bold concealer outlined hot mess). Fortunately, it appears the ghastly trend is dying. Many are taking a natural approach to shaping and filling their eyebrows. I like to lightly line my eyebrows, blending the lines to create a natural shape. It is a flawless effortless look. Many refuse to believe I shape and fill my eyebrows, as my eyebrows look incredibly clean but ever so natural. I wish my eyebrows were naturally full but as I wasn’t blessed in that department, I’ll just have to fake it! How do you like your eyebrows?