Eco Style Coconut Professional Styling Gel Review

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Simply underrated.

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Gel is often used to define curls. I prefer custards or creams as such products are formulated to define as well as moisturise. I find gels drying, unable to tame my frizzy curls. Ecoco is the company behind Eco Styler (sometimes spelled Style) gels, a natural hair community favourite. Many love Eco Styler/Style gels as the range is extensive as well as diverse and each gel is said to have incredible hold, perfect for long-lasting definition. Familiar with the range, I have used Eco Style gels in the past to lay my edges/baby hairs as well as to create sleek buns and ponytails. Eco Style gels are great for styling. In regards to defining curls, this was a first and definitely not the last. Eco Style Coconut Professional Styling Gel is surprisingly good!

Firstly, I have a confession to make. My hair loathes coconut oil! However, my hair reacts differently to products simply infused with coconut oil. Eco Style Coconut Professional Styling Gel’s consistency is in line with your standard gel but I did find it a little oily. The gel also has a shimmer that is nowhere to be seen once applied to your hair. The scent is an artificial coconut fragrance. It is not too strong but it will linger in your hair. Moving on to how the gel performs, it is great for laying your edges/baby hairs. It is also perfect for creating sleek hairstyles. It did not flake but the gel does appear white until it is 100% dry. I was a little alarmed at first but the gel always dried clear.

Moving on to the ultimate test, the infamous Wash & Go! A Wash & Go is simply using a product to define as well as style your curls after washing your hair. My first experience was disastrous! As I am naturally light handed with styling products, I did my usual Wash & Go routine, using as little gel as possible. To my surprise, my hair looked as if it had no product in it. It was extremely frizzy and dull. It also felt weird, rough but oily. I decided to sleep on it but it only looked worst the following morning. I decided to try again, using more gel. I am glad I did; Eco Style Coconut Professional Styling Gel defined my curls effortlessly. My curls clumped together, creating a bouncy voluminous afro. I also noticed a great reduction in shrinkage; I believe this is because Eco Style Coconut Professional Styling Gel is quite heavy so curls are weighed down. My hair still felt oily but it was a little softer and crunch free. However, the hold was pretty weak. The jar states a hold of 10 but I would definitely give it a 6.

Overall, I was expecting to hate this gel but I don’t. It is great for elongating curls and it did not flake. As the hold is pretty weak and you need to use a lot of it (my Wash & Go only lasted for three days), I am in no hurry to purchase another. I purchased the smallest jar from Pak Cosmetics, at £1.49 (236ml). I have created two Wash & Go hairstyles, using half of the jar. Although Eco Style Coconut Professional Styling Gel has a terrible reputation, I think it is ok. I don’t know if I can confidently recommend this gel as I have used much better but it isn’t bad, I quite like it.