eBoot 9-Piece Toiletries Containers and Bottles Travel Set Review

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A great investment!

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Currently obsessed with all things organic, I am always creating my own concoctions. This year I made a decision to take a natural approach to beauty, utilising nature. From hair conditioners to skin treatments, my go to containers are usually recycled as well as limited. There is nothing wrong with recycling but when you run out of containers it is nice to have some reusable options. A much needed (and appreciated) gift from eBoot, this 9-piece toiletries containers and bottles travel set will not be used for travelling. Instead, I’ll be using it to store my homemade goodies!

The set includes all the essentials: two 60ml bottles, one 50ml spray bottle, one 50ml pump bottle, two small jars, one pipette, one spatula and one funnel. What I love the most about this set is the quality; all is made of solid high quality plastic. I also love the size of each piece; all lids/caps tightly screw so anything inside stays in place, avoiding leakage. I find this set quite generous as many companies sell each piece separately. You can find this set via Amazon. It is a great investment if you travel a lot or if you create your own beauty products like myself. 

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