Celebrating Two Years of Your Beauty First and the 100th Post

Happy Birthday Your Beauty First! Words can’t express my joy and gratitude as I celebrate two years of Your Beauty First as well as the 100th post!

I launched the brand two years ago but the idea at the heart of Your Beauty First was born during my final year at university, almost three years ago. My initial plan was to launch an e-commerce specialising in black beauty products. Whilst the idea looked straightforward on paper, I quickly discovered it was an extensive task that required establishing the brand prior to launching. I decided to launch Your Beauty First as a magazine style website blog. As well as aiding in establishing the brand, the magazine style website blog has generated much needed revenue through advertising. I have also managed to establish many partnerships, collaborating with various brands.

In March, I finally launched the e-commerce. It is an on-going project but the domain is live. This is something I am incredibly proud of, as there were times when I doubted myself. However, I persevered and today, I am celebrating two years of Your Beauty First. Since launching, I have rebranded, investing in a new DSLR camera, photography equipment, props and tools. This was a must as high quality content is key to attracting brands. Below are a few stats showcasing the brand’s growth and thank you for supporting Your Beauty First!

1st of May 2015 – 2016
47 posts

1st of May 2015 – 2017
100 posts

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