The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil Review

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Say goodbye to dry hair!

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The Body Shop‘s monoi miracle oil is heaven sent! Unfortunately, it is also exclusive to the discontinued range, Spa Wisdom Polynesia (you might be able to find it online or in an outlet store). No review can really capture how amazing this oil is. From the scent to its unparalleled performance, I am extremely disappointed in myself for not stocking up as I am currently using the last of three bottles. Each bottle is 150ml, costing £3.50 (purchased during a sale). I believe The Body Shop has now introduced a new monoi oil but will it be as incredible as this one?

The scent is distinctive. It’s similar to coconut (a scent I usually hate) but it is much sweeter and slightly floral. As the scent lingers, this can be used as a fragrance. However, The Body Shop recommends using it on your skin or hair. As I have oily skin, this is not an option. I purchased the oil for my hair. I have used it directly on my scalp, to detangle and to condition my curls. What I love the most about this oil is its ability to seal in moisture. Regardless of how I use it, the result never fails to impress. Say goodbye to dry hair!

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