Bobs and Lobs

Bobs and lobs are everywhere! This is no surprise as both hairstyles are timeless. Rejecting individuality (a complete step out of character), I will be jumping on the bandwagon this summer and I have already made the essential investments. Essential investments? Yes, I have joined the wig-wearing queens! I am currently on a hair growth journey so I will not be cutting my hair again. Wigs are great for experimenting, as there is no long-term commitment, perfect for a hair chameleon like myself. Wigs are also a protective style and protective styles aid in much needed length retention. I have already purchased a bob wig (which I will review soon so watch this space).

“an effortless hairstyle, perfect for the minimalist”

In regards to the bob, Rihanna is my hair inspiration. There is no bob hairstyle she can’t pull off. It has been a while since I last donned a bob but I am looking forward to it, as it is an effortless hairstyle, perfect for the minimalist (as well as the lazy). Ciara is the queen of lobs. The lob is simply a longer bob. It is also a hairstyle I am yet to try. The search for the perfect lob wig is on-going. I might even attempt to make one. I want something vibrant: red, copper or auburn, something sexy as well as wavy. Below are a few looks I love. Be inspired!