Auburn Delight

I am a hair chameleon. My hair is a reflection of my creativity. In my world, a hairstyle is temporary, forever changing. Generally recognised as reddish brown hair, auburn hair is my latest obsession. It is a hair colour that flatters every complexion, from the deepest to the fairest. It is also a hair colour of multiple shades. Auburn can be vibrant, slightly orange or red. Auburn can also be dark and rich, almost mahogany. I love every hue! My hair is currently a dark honey blonde but I am hoping to go auburn. The shade of auburn remains undecided.

“I am a hair chameleon obsessed with colour”

From Viola Davis to Rihanna, inspiration is vast. Janet Jackson’s iconic nineties hairstyle (see the images below) is my current “hair situation”. Between you and I, it is dark roots, new growth. To the rest of the world, it is ombré. Anyone with curly hair will be aware of the problems that come with going lighter. My hair now requires frequent deep conditioning treatments and my ends are pretty frizzy. However, I am a hair chameleon obsessed with colour. If my hair needs a break, I go darker. As my hair is now light, when I finally go auburn, I will be using a semi-permanent hair dye (less harm to my curls). Below are a few shades of auburn that I love. Be inspired!