Art Naturals 6 Beeswax Lip Balm Set Review

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Currently obsessed with all things natural, this beeswax lip balm set from Art Naturals is heaven scent, a gift greatly appreciated. Infused with Jojoba oil, the set includes six lip balms. The ingredients list is rather impressive, simply consisting of beeswax, a variety of oils and a leaf extract. I am surprised but also pleased as companies rarely deliver the promise of a “natural” product. The packaging is perfect. It is great for storing but also presentable, the perfect gift.

The set includes a great variety of scents/flavours: Hibiscus Blossom, Island Coconut, Grapefruit Tropic, Passion Pitaya, Mango Papaya and Eucalyptus Mint. Hibiscus Blossom is my favourite by far; it smells so sweet! Island Coconut, Grapefruit Tropic and Eucalyptus Mint also smell good. Unfortunately, it is impossible to like everything in a set. I loathe Mango Papaya and Passion Pitaya. Do not let the names deceive you; both scents remind me of old school hair care products, repugnant and overwhelming.

I have tested each lip balm and the results are the same across the board; my lips were left feeling soft as well as moisturised throughout the day. I did not have to reapply, which I found astounding as it is winter and chapped lips are inevitable. These lip balms would have been even better if they included sunscreen protection (SPF) but I do love the natural ingredients so this will be my go to lip balm during winter and spring!

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