Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel Review

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A purchase I regret...

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Why do we go out of our way to find an alternative when we have already found perfection? Perfection meaning a beauty gem, a product we can’t imagine life without. Fruit of the Earth’s aloe vera gel is supreme, the ultimate. As it was priced relatively cheap (£4.79 for 200ml), I decided to purchase Aloe Pura’s aloe vera gel. This is a decision I regret, as Aloe Pura’s “aloe vera gel” is quite odd, fraud in a tube. The first oddity was in the consistency; it is similar to most gels but it is also incredibly tacky, failing to absorb or moisturise.

All of the aloe vera gels I have used in the past did nothing but wonders for my complexion, even if it was just a slight improvement. In regards to my hair, this gel performed pretty badly. I like to add aloe vera gel to my deep conditioning treatments as it aids in moisturising dry hair. Aloe Pura’s “fraud in a tube” did the complete opposite, it made my hair incredibly dry and left it feeling a little waxy; I was forced to shampoo as well as deep condition again! Examining the ingredients, I have no idea why this is so awful. I was really hoping to like this product as it is cheap but like a lot of cheap things, it is not worth the money saved!

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