Your Beauty First Updates: January 2018

I wish to forget last week, as it was horrendous! However, I feel compelled to share my “first world trauma” as I know it will help many. The week began with relentless harassment courtesy of my MacBook Pro. The annoying update prompt refused to be banished, as it was time to update to High Sierra. This isn’t surprising as I went to great lengths to avoid doing so. High Sierra has been available since September 2017 so I most definitely took my time. Tired of running away, I decided to hit the download button, an action I quickly regretted. The installation appeared to be running rather smoothly until a few minutes later when the following appeared: “macOS could not be installed on your computer”.

I was rather unfazed at first as the error was followed with a “solution”; all I had to do was click on the Restart button and all will be fixed. Well, that did not work. The error appeared once again and I could no longer access my MacBook Pro. In shock, I decided to browse the web for a solution via iPhone. I came across several, which were pretty much the same. All failed to provide a solution so I called Apple and guess what? I was told the same thing. My MacBook Pro is my (digital) world. It is home to anything and everything! Words can’t express the pain I was feeling. Did I really have to get a new MacBook Pro or wipe clean my current?

At the verge of a breakdown, I walked away from my MacBook Pro. I needed a break. I needed to clear my head and find a solution. This much-needed break did wonders as I discovered the solution as soon as I returned to my MacBook! 

The Solution: How to fix “macOS could not be installed on your computer”

  1. Turn off your MacBook Pro.
  2. Hold/press down R and Command, whilst turning on your MacBook Pro. Do not let R and Command go until “macOS Utilities” appears on your screen/you are in “Recovery Mode”.
  3. Ignore the “macOS Utilities” options and look to the top of your screen; click the Apple icon in the corner. This should reveal a “Startup Disk” option. Click on it.
  4. As soon as it opens, you should see your system, “Macintosh HD”. Click on it then click on the “Restart” button, which should be below.
  5. Your installation should begin again. It will take for what seems like forever but please be patient as the installation process is very slow. You will also see the loading bar freeze up every now and then. Do not be alarmed, as this is part of the process.
  6. Once completed, your MacBook Pro should be accessible, running smoothly! If it is not, please contact Apple.

Please note, I am not a specialist; this is simply a fix for those who have tried everything else. I hope it helps!

In other news, I made the decision to update Your Beauty First twice a week and I am already regretting it! It is hard work and the preparation involved is quite tedious. However, I refuse to give up! My current schedule involves publishing two Swatches posts, back to back, followed by two reviews then two general posts. I feel this is not effective or enjoyable so I am ditching it. I will post what I want, when I want! I have also decided to change the way I determine a review score; I will no longer include the price of a product as this varies too much and will change overtime. I am also collaborating with Superdrug, so watch this space! I am so excited as I have a good feeling about this year! Follow me on Instagram (and Twitter) for the latest updates. Also, check out, SybilCreates and feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel (you won’t regret it)!