The Year of Protective Styling

2016 is the year of protective styling. For curious minds and those in the dark, protective styling is the art of creating a hairstyle that prioritises the protection of your hair. From box braids to wigs, protective hairstyles promote hair growth and aid in retaining length. The impact of protective styling depends on your method/application. Tight box braids or cornrows can break your hair so you must take care – a gentle approach. The concept of protective styling originates from the natural hair community but it can be embraced by anyone looking to give their hair a much needed break from everyday manipulation. 

“protective hairstyles promote hair growth and aid in retaining length”

So far this year, I’ve installed Marley twists, a u-part wig and a half wig. I’m hoping to finally try a lace front or a full lace wig, all becoming increasingly popular options amongst many (celebrities have been secretly wearing them for years). Rihanna, Katy Perry and Beyoncé are always using wigs to change up their look so why can’t I? Wigs are also a versatile and fun form of protective styling. Regardless of what the critics will have to say, I will be doing so. Below are a few of my favourite protective hairstyles, what are yours?

Your Beauty First - The Year of Protective Styling - Black Marley Twists Updo - Chrisette Michele