The Unconventional Line

There is no beauty look I love more than the classic cat eye, the swinging sixties’ flicked eyeliner. As a woman with relatively large eyes, I’ve always been drawn to the feline flick. Although I remain forever devoted to the cat eye, I can’t help but admire the increasingly popular unorthodox ways eyeliner is applied today. Rejecting the conventional, eccentric colours are the new black, from blues and yellows to pinks. I’m currently loving metallic lined eyes as well as glimmering eyeliner shades of sapphire and emerald.

“I’ve always been drawn to the feline flick”

The eyeliner revolt is not limited to colour. Many are taking a creative approach to the application of eyeliner. What was once applied to draw attention to the eyes is now used to express beyond the exterior, a glimpse of a personality. From a row of gems to reflective stickers, we are also seeing a change in texture. It is a fascinating trend to follow but it is also a reminder of how unpredictable beauty is. Some looks become classic and others, an embarrassing memory! Dare to be unconventional with your eyeliner?

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