Superdrug Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner Review

7.0Overall Score

You can't afford to ignore this budget friendly duo.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner


Familiar with the range, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this coconut water infused, travel-sized, shampoo and conditioner duo, from Superdrug. In the past, I have used the conditioner, deliberately ignoring the shampoo as cheap shampoos tend to strip curly hair. I have finally found the perfect shampoo (you can read about this brilliant investment by John Frieda here); it will be hard to top but Superdrug’s coconut water shampoo is a worthy contender.

Starting with the scent, both the conditioner and shampoo smell the same. It is coconut water infused so expect a coconut scent. Although I despise the scent of coconuts, this is quite pleasant, nothing too overpowering but a little synthetic. However, this is the ultimate shampoo for anyone on a budget. You only need a little, as its lather is incredible. During my first wash, I used only one quarter of the travel-sized bottle. To my surprise, my hair was left feeling soft and clean. Most shampoos tend to leave my curls soft or clean but rarely both! Superdrug, I’m sold!

The conditioner is pretty good too. It is not the best but I have no major complaints. I prefer to use it to detangle my curls prior to washing as it has great slip. Unfortunately, I finished both of the travel-sized conditioners in one wash. I have curly hair and curly hair loves conditioner so this is no surprise or a disadvantage. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the duo. Don’t look down on it, as it is a Superdrug branded range. It is incredible and I can only recommend.


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