Staple Investments: Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

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Your Beauty First - Staple Investments - Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash Review 2

Simply the best, Clean & Clear’s Exfoliating Daily Wash (150ml, £1.99 – the price will vary) is a must have! Influenced by a misleading hype, I purchased my first foundation at 15. It was a cheap unknown brand and a little too dark for my skin tone. The hunt for the perfect shade is still an annoying task for women with dark skin so imagine how hard it was then (I am now 23). After applying it to my face, my skin broke out in spots. Removing the foundation, I blamed the cheap brand and purchased my second from a reputable high-end brand. To my horror, the outcome was the same; I was left with a face coated in spots.

Distraught and embarrassed, although the spots eventually cleared, I was left with severe hyperpigmentation. I desperately needed a solution. I first came across Clean & Clear in my local Superdrug. It was a random purchase of many products offering the secret to clear flawless skin. This might sound melodramatic but this product is truly life changing. My hyperpigmentation cleared within weeks of using this everyday. I remain religiously committed to this product; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped in the street and asked, “what foundation do you wear? It’s flawless”. I don’t wear anything on my skin (just a little bronzer or highlight in summer).

Many women of colour/darker-skinned women suffer from hyperpigmentation. Clean & Clear’s Exfoliating Daily Wash does wonders, especially when used with cocoa butter. It lifts dead skin, gradually fading away scars and discolouration. The texture of the product is fine but effective (perfect for those like myself who loathe exfoliating products with large balls/grains). Unfortunately, it hasn’t fixed my oily skin but it hasn’t made it any worse. I pray they never discontinue this gem as I refuse to live without it. Unbelievably affordable, this is my ultimate staple investment!

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