My Scent of the Year: The Body Shop’s Red Musk Fragrance Mist

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Your Beauty First presents, the first flawless review.

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I can no longer live in denial. I must confess. I am a fragrance junkie. From perfumes to body mists, I have smelt all and purchased most. Many fellow fragrance aficionados would find this hard to believe but some of my favourite scents have come from The Body Shop. I discovered Midnight Bakula last year, one of The Body Shop’s most divine smelling lines and a favourite of mine, which is now unfortunately discontinued. I am also a huge fan of the original White Musk and White Musk Sun Glow.

The end of the year is ever so near so I thought I should share my scent of the year, The Body Shop’s Red Musk Fragrance Mist. I would usually read about a fragrance prior to purchasing but the branding of the Red Musk line captured my attention. It was a wild purchase as White Musk, my intended buy, was out of stock. The name of the scent instantly suggested it was going to be a warm fragrance with very rich notes of cinnamon and ideal for the crisp winter weather.

My prediction was right. I have purchased and discovered many wonderful fragrances this year but this is definitely my scent of the year. It is alluring, drawing warmth in the cold air. Defying the characteristics of a mist, Red Musk lingers and is a scent of longevity. After falling in love, I decided to read a few reviews and to my surprise a lot of people found it rather masculine or unisex. I personally feel it is feminine. The cinnamon notes linger whilst the tobacco and pepper notes are only detected on spray. When the fragrance dries it smells rather sweet, not fruity but freshly baked bread sweet. I love it and at its price, this is perfection as well as my first flawless review. 

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