Ramblings: The Motivation to Write

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I once loved writing, now I simply enjoy it. What is the difference? My love for writing would see me publish a blog post everyday. I would also dedicate an hour to creative writing. Enjoying writing is considering it as a hobby, something you would do when you can. Something you are not committed to but when you engage, you enjoy it.

I miss it, the ability to write so freely every single day or simply whenever I decide to. Is it my job? Is it stress? Is it a lack of inspiration? I doubt it, as I work as a Digital Designer, which is a fairly creative role. My ability to design and develop has not suffered at all.

Whilst in university, we explored creativity in great depth and I had always assumed it was on or off. It comes and it goes but now I’m seeing things in a different light. I can build beautiful responsive websites but I can’t write. Both require creativity so why is my ability to do one challenged? It’s crazy how the mind works. I guess there are some things we will never understand. I would like to though, one day.