Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Review

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The ultimate curl reviver, a must have for any naturalista!


Your Beauty First - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - Review 2

Harsh protein treatments stripped my hair, reducing my curls and coils to frizz. Left with a brittle and dry mess, I went on the hunt for a solution, spending a ridiculous amount of money on any anti-frizz product I could find. With each product, the result varied, from an absolute flop to an underwhelming ray of hope. The only consistency amongst these anti-frizz “remedies” was each product’s inability to revive my curls and coils. Heartbroken, I gave up and began to accept the frizzy mess that was my hair.

Whilst watching YouTube videos, I came across a video from one of my favourite vloggers, MoKnowsHair. Her client’s hair was in a similar state to mine. It was frizzy, lifeless and lacked elasticity. She used an elasticising treatment and highlighted its benefits. After seeing the final result, I was sold! I began my search for Philip Kingsley‘s Elasticizer, oblivious to the brand. As a frugal individual, I was left horrified at the price! £29.99 for 150ml, hell to the no! Hell no quickly became hell yes, when I came across a cheaper price and a discount code. I purchased the product from, spending £23.50 and it was worth every penny.

The first con is the product’s scent, it reminded me of a mild relaxer. However, it is not as overpowering. A pre-shampoo treatment, after detangling my curls, I applied it all over my hair and covered my head with the plastic cap included. You are advised to leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes but I left it for an hour, as I am a rebel. Washing the product out, I instantly noticed how silky soft my hair felt. I also noticed how defined my curls and coils were, even the heat damaged strands. My curls and coils have officially returned!


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A product achieving the impossible, I went online and ordered the salon sized, 1000ml bottle. I managed to purchase it on sale for £61.20, from (originally, £85). In comparison to the 150ml option, this is a bargain! Moving on to my second con, which surprisingly is not the price but Philip Kingsley’s branding. The 150ml option features a hair type guideline on the box. The description of African-Caribbean hair is completely wrong and slightly insulting.

Firstly, a variety of hair types can be found amongst those from the Caribbean as well as amongst Africans. Afro or tightly curled hair is not “very coarse” by default. Your hair will become coarse if you fail to take care of it. It is not “very hard to control” if you understand the diversity of our hair. It is not “extremely porous” as some people have low porosity hair and others have high. I believe Philip Kingsley needs to rebrand, focusing on the variety of curl patterns we have. Generalised stereotypes will not aid in selling a product; feel free to employ me if you need assistance.

Overall, this is an expensive product but it is most definitely worth the investment, especially if you tend to use a lot of heat on your coils and curls. I would also recommend it to anyone whose hair, like mine, loathes protein treatments.

Your Beauty First - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 1000ml - Review Your Beauty First - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 1000ml - Review 2