Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Dark Spot Corrector Review

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An effective treatment for tackling dark spots is hard to find, especially if your budget is tight. Exploiting the common concern, rogue companies have flooded the market with cheap products promising to eliminate your pigmented imperfections. Sadly, such products will only destroy, leaving you with more concerns. Unfortunately, the luxury market is just as bad. Although ingredients are regulated and the products are quite effective, they are incredibly expensive, requiring long-term use. This is unsuitable, as the concern is never eliminated, just reduced, a temporary fix.

Purchased from Superdrug (£9.99, 30ml), Palmer’s Dark Spot Corrector visibly targets 6 skin concerns: discolouration, age spots, dark spots, post-acne scars, sun damage and uneven skin tone. Infused with Vitamin C and Songyi Mushroom, Palmer’s Dark Spot Corrector is formulated to reveal a brighter and more radiant complexion. The brand also specifies it is suitable for all skin types and tones. Vitamin C is commonly associated with brightening skin but my experience with it, in regards to skincare, has been anything but positive. I have never heard of Songyi Mushroom but according to Palmer’s it is known for its “pigment perfecting properties”.

Although there is a greater emphasis on Vitamin C and Songyi Mushroom, the two are not the only ingredients highlighted. Palmer’s refers to the key ingredients as a tone enhancing complex made of Cocoa Butter, Synovea, Soy, Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Liquorice Extract. Palmer’s also provides the summarised results of their Dark Spot Corrector trial. This doesn’t mean much as no brand will put out unsatisfactory results. There is also no proof of this trial. According to Palmer’s, after 4 weeks of use:

  • 81% saw more noticeably even skin tone
  • 76% felt skin was more moisturised
  • 78% saw dark spots and age spots visibly diminished
  • 80% reported visibly faded discolouration

I am sceptical, as this product did not last for 4 weeks. I purchased two and finished both within 6 weeks. My results are quite in line with Palmer’s. My complexion appeared much brighter during usage. However, my skin did not feel moisturised and my dark spots remained, only slightly fading. I found my results quite impressive, as a lot of skincare products are usually concentrated for fair skin so the potency will not be as effective on someone with a darker complexion like myself. Unfortunately, as soon as I stopped using Palmer’s Dark Spot Corrector, my complexion began to appear dull, even loosing its natural radiance.

Palmer’s Dark Spot Corrector is light and easily absorbed. It is also rather shimmery. I personally found the shimmer annoying as well as pointless. The design of the container irritated my soul as it features a pump and cannot be unscrewed or opened. You cannot scrape out or check for any remaining product. As you only get 30ml, this is frustrating. Overall, the product does work, although it is to a certain extent. However, a meagre 30ml is not worth £9.99. To my surprise, I can’t find this product anywhere at the moment so I’m going to assume Palmer’s have discontinued it or it is going through a major rebranding; it could also be sold out.

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