Out of the Comfort Zone

I am bored. I am tired. I am in need of something new. Although I am writing in regards to my hair, every aspect of my life is under the same critique. A hairstyle chameleon, I love to experiment; every new week requires a new hairstyle. A reminiscent state of mind triggered a barrage of emotions, forcing me to reflect as well as examine my life. I feel I have lost something. I feel as if I am mourning what I have lost. I believe my loss is my creativity. Whilst mourning, I took refuge in a comfort zone, a place unfamiliar but safe. I have always used my hair to express my creativity and it has always felt great to have such an outlet. The current state of my hair is a reflection of my loss.

“every new week requires a new hairstyle”

I feel exhausted, weary and fed up. I hate my current state of mind; I am not happy with where I am but I am safe. Despite being safe, I do not want to feel safe. Yes, safe is steady and reliable but it is also brain numbing as well as draining. The result is evident in my boring hairstyles and the safe options I tend to desire. I have since identified my problems so I am now ready to take control and step out of the comfort zone. Although I adore Beyoncé and strive to be as great as she is, I feel she is also too safe. I am going to be as creative as Rihanna and as daring as Kelis. I miss the old original Sybil. Below are a few hairstyles on my mood board, watch this space!