Icons: Zac Posen

I can’t remember my last Icons post so it’s probably time to post a new one. To refresh your mind or to simply explain, Icons posts highlight individuals I admire. From fashion designers to athletes, the reason and the person vary greatly. Today I have chosen to celebrate the wonderful Zac Posen, a fashion designer who is extremely talented as well as fearless and an inspiration.

An American fashion designer, Zac Posen first caught my eye a number of years ago. I fell in love with his beautiful RTW collections as well as his casting of models. In the fashion industry, an all white cast is not a shock to see. In fact, it is the normal and a sight we are all tired of seeing. One in a million, Zac Posen truly understands the need for diversity. Not only does he cast a great variety of women of colour (as well as women of different sizes), he understands diversity is more than just tokenism.

“he understands diversity is more than just tokenism”

Many in the fashion industry love to overzealously praise fashion designers who cast only one Asian, black or racially ambiguous model. “We can’t believe how much diversity we are seeing this season, isn’t this amazing?” – no, it is not! This is not diversity. Many models of colour face rejection on the basis of “we already have a model of your ethnicity”. An admirable act of defiance in a racist industry, Zac Posen continues to cast a diverse range of models.

I can only appreciate Posen’s fearless stance and beautiful clothing. I cannot express how talented this man is (an honourable mention: we are also graduates of the same university, University of the Arts London). If you ever see a celebrity is an extraordinary gown, Zac Posen probably designed it. As words fail to, hopefully the images below will showcase the talent Zac Posen possesses.

Your Beauty First - Icon - Zac Posen - Black Models Matter Bag Your Beauty First - Icon - Zac Posen - Rihanna - Diamond Ball