Heat Damage Control: Departing with the Enemy


Words can’t express my joy. A blog post can’t capture, let alone summarise the enduring battle. Nonetheless, I am proud to announce, I am heat damage free! Only the curly, coily and kinky haired individuals will understand the momentousness of that statement. Heat damage is the common enemy, one of our greatest fears. This year I made the decision to depart with the enemy’s right-hand man; I have resisted the temptation to straighten my hair. The battle was not easy but I have learnt so much that it is only fair (as well as an obligation) to share.

Let it go. Nothing can reverse heat damage. I wasted so much time and money, trying to find a remedy, just to discover the only way to get rid of the damage is to cut it off. Earlier this year, I made the decision to cut off 6 inches of damaged hair. Did it grow back? Yes! It is important to understand the length of your hair is not a reflection of its condition. I once desired long hair; I am now focusing on maintaining voluminous bouncy curls. Maintenance is key. I can’t stress how important it is to trim your ends.

There is nothing wrong with faking it. We all love our curls but we also love experimenting with our hair. From dyeing to braiding, there is so much fun to be had. However, the desire to go wild with our hair usually pushes us towards heat styling and the results are often disastrous. The best advice I can give you, fake it! Want straight hair? Purchase a wig. If you’re one of the lucky individuals who use heat frequently without experiencing any damage, always take precaution. Use a heat protectant and blow out your curls prior to straightening (this method works wonders if you desire a sleek look with little to no damage).

Fall in love. Fall in love? Yes, fall in love with the reflection in the mirror. Simply learning to love your hair texture can save you so much time as well as money. However, I am also fully aware of how hard it is to love your natural hair. We live in a world where anything deemed “different” is frowned upon. Train your mind to reject the need to always seek approval; you are above their standards. There is no fun in looking like everyone else.

I hope this post inspires as well as helps. If you have any questions, do feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.