Hair Growth and Loss Prevention: FolliOne Review

7.5Overall Score

A phenomenal shampoo, hair growth and loss prevention in a bottle!

  • Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo


I love to experiment with my hair, from wigs to faux locs and hair mayonnaise; I don’t believe there is a hairstyle or treatment I haven’t tried. Your Beauty First has opened many doors for me; to be specific, the extensive variety of products I have received to review or to simply try. I am incredibly grateful, as I have also received priceless gems, discoveries I have gone on to buy religiously, products I value greatly.

Although I don’t have a pre-disposition to hair loss, I am aware it is something that can happen to anyone, especially if you are always going from one extreme hairstyle to another. In my case, I once braided my hair too tight and the result was thinning edges (hairline). My number one go to remedy for thinning hair is castor oil as it is 100% natural and very effective. I was given the opportunity to try something new from FolliOne. I was sent the brand’s Liquid Hair Nutrition (500ml), Growth Stimulator for Women (60ml) and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (200ml).

The Liquid Hair Nutrition is a hair growth supplement. It smells like oranges but looks potent. Nevertheless, I decided to try it. I didn’t like the flavour as it has a bitter aftertaste. I was ready to look past the liquid’s unpleasant flavour until I made a worrying discovery! I failed to read the ingredients so I didn’t know it contained biotin, which is great for hair growth. Unfortunately for me, I’m allergic to it. I plan on giving this away as the ingredients suggest it is promising but definitely not for me.

Moving on to the Growth Stimulator for Women. In order to provide a fair review, I feel I need to use this a little longer. I will provide a separate review in the future. Lastly, my favourite of the three, Follione’s Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, a product I can only recommend. I can’t express how amazing it is (it is also curly hair friendly)! This shampoo will leave your scalp feeling fresh and incredibly clean. It also made me feel alert, which is no surprise as its “high caffeine content” is noted on the packaging.

To my surprise, I have also noticed some uncharacteristic hair growth. Prior to using this shampoo, I bleached then dyed my hair purple. Four weeks later and my roots are wild, already growing out. However, I believe this shampoo isn’t good for dyed hair as it completely stripped the permanent dye out of my hair. I would recommend only using it on the scalp if your hair is dyed; this could be an inconvenience for many but this is a very good shampoo so the precaution is worthwhile. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone looking to relieve an itchy scalp as this eliminated mine. FolliOne offer a great variety of products so check them out!

Please note, I have received this product in exchange for an honest review or to simply try for free. For more information, please see Your Beauty First’s Terms and Conditions.


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