Green Faux Fur

There’s something about green faux fur! Its beauty, its elegance, its power to inspire a blog post in summer. I have always found the colour (in its many shades) divine but set in faux fur, now that is perfection! In my eyes, the green appears to emphasise the luxury associated with fur yet humble and provide warmth beyond its purpose. Although I only ever wear faux fur, I apologise in advance if any of the images below feature fur. 

After many years of admiring green faux fur coats and jackets, I stumbled across this little gem by H&M. She is 100% faux fur, a deep emerald green and absolutely gorgeous! Although I usually wear a UK size 8, I purchased her in a size 12 because fur is best worn effortlessly, which is accentuated oversized. I absolutely love wearing her and although I’m enjoying the sunshine, I crave winter. My one and only reason, to wear this beauty once again.

Wearing: Green Faux Fur Bomber Jacket (H&M), Denim Shirt (Dorothy Perkins)


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