Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner Review

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Incredibly moisturising yet light, this leave-in conditioner is heaven sent.

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Your Beauty First - Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner Review 2

Incredibly moisturising yet light, Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner is phenomenal. Although it is quite expensive (£7.49 for 250ml, from Amazon, the lowest price I could find), I can’t emphasise how much a little goes a long way. Giovanni’s leave-in conditioner has a scent but it is exceptionally light and one I cannot identify. My purchase was based on the many positive reviews, although a few complained about the leave-in conditioner’s moisturising abilities and foaming properties. Delivering nothing but a flawless experience, this leave-in conditioner left my hair feeling moisturised every time I used it.

Applying the product for the first time, it seemed a little too light for my fine 4A curls but as my hair dried, I instantly noticed how soft and well moisturised my hair felt. Every application was foam free; many have mentioned an alleged foaming in their reviews but I did not experience this. I applied the leave-in conditioner to my wet hair and whilst I did get that mousse/foam sensation, I saw no foam. However, the product did sit on my hair, leaving a white blanket, which gradually disappeared as it dried. Giovanni’s leave-in conditioner’s consistency reminded me of Tresemme’s Naturals Conditioner. It also looked quite similar, a thick slightly opaque liquid. 

Dry or wet, the results did not vary. This product is also great for styling, creating beautiful flat twist outs. Sensitive to protein, I tend to avoid the traditional gel drenched Wash & Go hairstyle. However, after I applied this leave-in conditioner, my hair looked as if I had used a curl defining pudding or gel. Even after my hair dried, my curls remained defined. No leave-in conditioner has ever enhanced my curls so I’m quite impressed. I guess I might try an alternative Wash & Go. Overall, I can only recommend. This is the first natural hair community favourite that I actually love!


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