Fashion Watch: Think Pink

Once upon a time, pink was my favourite colour. I dressed in pink and slept in a pink bedroom, surrounded by all things pink. However, the colour has long lost its eminence and influence; I find it (especially in its brashest hue), incredibly nauseating. Nonetheless, I can’t help but admire it on others. My admiration is strictly in regards to fashion. I have no intention of becoming a fully-fledged Barbie girl; life in plastic does not sound fantastic and certainly not my cup of tea.

“the colour has long lost its eminence and influence”

The colour pink is erroneously used to denote femininity. We have been conditioned to believe if we wear it, we are subscribing to a way of life. Men in pink are deemed flamboyant and ostentatious. Women in pink are shallow and materialistic, more feminine than their counterparts. Girls love pink, boys hate the colour as “it’s for girls” and anything “for girls” isn’t masculine. This line of thinking is ignorant. Although it’s natural to subconscious subscribe to such ignorance, we as humans know and should do better.

It’s don’t judge a book by its cover today then the following day, it’s unwarranted assumptions! Wear what you want. It’s your body. It’s your choice. Although we can’t ban people from jumping to farfetched conclusions, we can teach change. Teaching doesn’t always involve a lecture, sometimes it’s simply rebelling and breaking rules.

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