Fashion Watch: The Blackout

Your Beauty First Quotes - Yohji Yamamoto

Alongside the fashionable inspirational quotes of Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent resides Yohji Yamamoto’s insight on the colour, black. Infamously known as a “safe choice”, black is severely underrated as well as misunderstood. It’s a colour heavily associated with all things dark and depressing. However, black is diverse; a colour you can wear anywhere, whenever. Black is timeless, it is more than just a colour that compliments all.

“black is severely underrated as well as misunderstood”

As well as timeless, styling black is effortless; the result, understated chic. You could adopt the minimalist approach, creating a monochrome capsule wardrobe. Alternatively, you could utilise patterns and textures at hand. Faux leather (as well as the genuine) is available widespread due the rise in its popularity. Textures and patterns create blocks in an outfit, if you do not desire the “head to toe in black” look.