Fashion Watch: Orange Rhymes with Orange

Orange is my favourite colour. It is also my latest obsession and my go to shade in regards to fashion as well as makeup. I love orange suede and I adore orange corduroy. Yes, I know, no one should like let alone adore corduroy but I do! Lately, I have been drawn to orange eye shadows and coppery highlighters. Orange is a phenomenal colour; it compliments all complexions. I love how it appears against my deep rich skin tone. I also love every hue, from the darkest to the lightest shade. Orange can be embraced all year round but it is often perceived as an autumnal or summery colour. Due to this misconception, summer and autumn are the best times to purchase orange fashion as well as cosmetics.

“Yes, I know, no one should like let alone adore corduroy but I do”

I am the proud owner of so many orange pieces. Words can’t express how much I love my burnt orange corduroy shorts. Unfortunately, it is now too small but I refuse to let it go, it is too perfect and I am yet to discover a replacement. I am also on the look out for an orange faux fur coat and I don’t mind if it is long or short. The internet is filled with images of faux fur orange coats but the stores (online as well as offline) have none! How? I refuse to believe it is a popular demand as I haven’t’ met an individual who loves orange and faux fur as much as myself! The ultimate colour, orange looks good with navy, burgundy, gold, emerald green, black and silver. What more can I say? Below are a few of my favourite orange pieces from Topshop, Mango, H&M and New Look.

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