Eyelashes of the Rainbow

Goodbye November and hello party season! Yes, party season is finally here and the end of the year is ever so near. Where did the time go? I don’t care as I am happy to see the end of 2017, a pretty poor year. I don’t know how I endured it but I am pleased to say goodbye to the year of disappointments! Party season is a time of great festive fun, which largely involves socialising as well as eating. It is also the perfect time to experiment in the most elaborate way. I am in the mood for something new, something striking! That something resides in the wonderful world of eyelashes! From false eyelashes to coloured mascara, I am hoping to try everything.

“I am pleased to say goodbye to the year of disappointments”

This might be hard to believe but the majority of PR freebies I receive are false eyelashes. I have accumulated an extensive selection, undoubtedly enough to supply or launch a business. Quite the contrary, I only own two coloured mascaras, which are both midnight blue. Blue mascara looks wonderful against deep complexions; yellow, pink and orange also look great but such colours are ever so hard to find. In regards to the false eyelashes, I am playing it safe, as this is new territory. I am hoping to go longer. If I like it, I will invest in a bolder style or semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Below are a few looks I like. Be inspired!