Agadir Argan Oil Volumizing Styling and Sculpting Gel Review

7.0Overall Score

This is a gel that delivers; a must have for those who desire flake free, voluminous curls and coils!

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Agadir is a brand I always come across in magazines as well as shops, or simply hear about through favourable word of mouth. I have only ever heard positive things about the brand. A huge fan of MoKnowsHair, I decided to trust her judgement once again (she introduced me to Philip Kingsley’s amazing Elasticizer) and purchase Agadir’s Argan Oil Volumizing Styling & Sculpting Gel (246g), from Amazon, at a discounted £5.50. This investment made sense as I’m trying to embrace the infamous Wash & Go as well as styling my natural hair. I’m currently trying a variety of gels; Agadir’s guarantees the volume my curls and coils desire!

The scent is rather distinctive but pleasant, it is also quite musky, which will be a nightmare for anyone who loathes strong fragrances. The consistency is in line with your average hair gel. Infused with argan oil and alcohol free, it is easily absorbed, leaving no tacky build up. This gel most definitely provided volume! My hair has never looked so full. However, this isn’t a gel for those who prioritise curl definition or require an “xtreme” hold. It is definitely not for anyone with dry hair as it left my hair feeling a little hard and quite crunchy. Nevertheless, this gel delivered flake free, voluminous curls and coils, so I can only recommend it!