Accessorise Your Hair

Google is my go to for anything and everything! According to Google, an accessory is “a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive”. Although primary, this definition is one of many. The overall consensus is an accessory is a complementary addition. With the definition established, we can focus on the heart of this post, which is my hair, your hair, hair in general. As well as a creative outlet, my hair is a reflection of my personality. Although I enjoy experimenting with my hair, I am also well aware of how detrimental constant styling can be. I also have to take in to consideration, the natural fragility of curly hair. This is why I choose to regularly protective style as well as accessorise. Protective styles such as Box Braids and Senegalese Twists can be accessorised with beads or metal/fabric cuffs. A headband or an embellished bobby pin(s) can also be used.

“a creative outlet, my hair is a reflection of my personality”

Accessorising your hair is not a new concept. From Billie Holiday to Nina Simone, many iconic figures have decorated their manes. Even the Ancient Egyptians accessorised their wigs and hairpieces. Headbands, scarfs and metal cuffs are my favourite accessories. However, I am always looking for something new, something out of my comfort zone. I would love to try embellished bobby pins but I have fine hair and bobby pins often do more damage than good. I would also love to try turbans and beads. Accessorising your hair is an easy way to change your hairstyle without compromising the health of your hair. It also aids in making a hairstyle more versatile and it enables a fast transition; you can go from the girl next door to a queen in a few seconds. If you are as creative as myself, you can also incorporate your jewellery in to your hairstyle. Below are a few of my favourite ways hair can be accessorised. Be inspired!