A Touch of Silver

Winter is ever so near, so close I can feel it. I am currently curating the ultimate winter wardrobe, featuring a great selection of vibrant fur coats and statement accessories. Gold dominated my summer wardrobe. In line with the frosty weather, I am taking an icy approach; my winter wardrobe will include every shade of blue, rich opulent greens and my current obsession, silver.

“I am taking an icy approach”

I’m currently looking for anything glimmering grey or metallic, from bags to scarfs and shoes. Silver compliments all of the colours we are naturally drawn to in the cold. The silver hair trend is still reigning but I have no desire to jump on that bandwagon. Nevertheless, I am a hair accessories junkie, which is a great way to incorporate silver. I can’t help but admire people in silver dresses and coats although I personally prefer a touch of silver e.g. silver rings or boots.

your-beauty-first-a-touch-of-silver-amandla-stenberg-met-gala-2016-afro-hair-hairband your-beauty-first-a-touch-of-silver-jourdan-dunn-silver-dress-model