A Bioaqua Haul

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The key to a radiant complexion.

  • Bamboo Charcoal Translucent Washing Mask
  • Blackhead Mask
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Charcoal has become the key ingredient in every “must have” beauty product. From body scrubs to home remedies, it is the answer to all of our skincare dilemmas! So, is the hype valid? Based on my experience as well as research, yes! Charcoal has been used for many years to whiten teeth and combat bloating. It is only as of recent we have seen it being used extensively in beauty treatments. Charcoal has a brightening effect on the skin, aiding in achieving a flawless complexion. It is perfect for anyone battling with hyperpigmentation.

Focusing on the haul, the key ingredient in these Bioaqua products is charcoal (sometimes marketed as activated carbon). I discovered Bioaqua whilst browsing through AliExpress. I purchased the brand’s peel off blackhead mask, which I was incredibly impressed with. I am not use to seeing immediate results; my skin was glowing (for days) and oil free, which is ever so rare. Stunned, my second order was two more peel off blackhead masks as well as a washing mask. The washing mask was pretty good. Although it left my skin looking radiant and feeling soft, it failed to eliminate excess oil.

However, I can only recommend the two, as the results are amazing for the amount spent. Most products that work this fast tend to cost an arm as well as a leg but this cost me, £3.80 (washing mask) and £1.59 (peel off blackhead mask); the prices may vary. I can’t express how pleased I am!

Directions: In regards to the washing mask, I evenly applied the solution with my fingers. Letting it sit for 15 minutes, I washed it off using cold water (a preference). I also applied the peel off blackhead mask with my fingers. It is a messy task but the result makes it worthwhile. I let it dry and remain on my face for 20 minutes. It is best to ensure the mask has dried hard completely before you attempt to peel it off.

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