50 Shades of Purple

Winter has finally arrived and there is nothing I love more than combating-cold fashion! Yes, it’s time to bring out the faux fur coats and knee high boots. Although I hate cold weather, I’ve always adored winter fashion (including beauty trends). As there will be parties after parties, many have already selected a signature lip colour for the season. Deep reds are a winter favourite as it’s festive. However, while I remain in love with deep red shades, there is another colour after my heart – 50 shades of purple.

“many have already selected a signature lip colour for the season”

From the brightest violet to the richest plum, purple is a colour that has been lurking in the shadows, gradually converting many including myself. This season’s ultimate lip colour is breaking boundaries, encouraging many to voyage beyond the darker shades. Bright purples are everywhere, often preferred, matte. A beauty gem I can’t get enough of, matte liquid lipsticks have inspired many (including myself) to try unconventional colours once deemed too bright and crazy. I will be sharing my favourite matte liquid lipsticks very soon so keep up to date with Your Beauty First.